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EU Common Standard for electronic Pproduct Information

ePI refers to medicines' authorised, statutory information (including summary of product characteristics, package leaflet and labeling) adapted for handling in electronic format and dissemination via web, e-platforms, and in print.

On 22-02-2022, announced the adoption that in the European Union (EU), the European Medicines Regulatory Network has adopted a Common Standard for electronic product information (ePI) on medicines. Through an expanding range of electronic channels, patients in the EU will have access to unbiased, up-to-date information about all medicines available to them.

As part of the Common Standards for EU ePI, harmonised electronic information on medicines will be provided to consumers, health care professionals, and patients, resulting in improved access to information for informed decision-making.

The ePI can be updated immediately, as soon as new information becomes available. The structured nature of ePI will also offer new opportunities to personalise the product information to individual needs and to make it more easily accessible to users with diverse abilities.

Click on this LINK for more detailed information.

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