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SFDA's Product Classification Guidance

On 20 April, 2022 the Saudi Food and Drug Authority’s (SFDA’s) updated its Product Classification Guidance.

This guidance presents the SFDA’s current view on specific products or a category of products and whether it should be under the responsibility of the SFDA and particularly where the regulation may be on the borderline between two or more SFDA sectors.

The SFDA consists mainly of four sectors:

  1. Food,

  2. Drug,

  3. Medical Devices and

  4. Operations.

This guidance document has been issued to help SFDA stakeholders as well as SFDA staff to classify products easily with a view to achieving greater consistency, transparency, and quality of classification decisions relating to these products.

This guidance document pertains to a product or category of products that is under the responsibility of each sector within SFDA regulation.

SFDA will determine the classification of a product mainly on statutory definitions.

Click this LINK to know more about the definitions and detailed information on these regulated guidelines.


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