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EMA Guidance: Prevention of Medicine Shortages in the EU

Recently EMA released new guidance for "patients and healthcare professionals’ organisations" with key principles and examples of good practices to support them in preventing and managing shortages of human medicines.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, medicine shortages and reduced availability have become a growing issue across the EU and the globe. There can be many causes of shortages, including manufacturing problems, raw material shortages, increased demand for medicines, distribution problems, labor disruptions, and natural disasters.

The main actors in the supply chain are patients and healthcare professionals, so their role in preventing shortages usually is to manage demand for medicines at risk.

This document provides patients and healthcare professionals with key principles and examples of good practices (included as an annex) for shortage prevention and management.

The document aims to promote good practice by:

• Enhancing and exploring current practices for prevention;

• Increasing visibility and accessibility of information on existing practices for prevention;

• Fostering interaction and improving information exchange between the different stakeholders.

CLICK this LINK to know more about guidance for patients’ and healthcare professionals’ organisations to prevent of Medicine Shortages in the EU


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