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EMA: Plan for Digital Hub for the European Medicines Regulatory Network

A technology capability investment plan has been published by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), which outlines how it plans to invest until 2025 to achieve its ambition of becoming the European medicines regulatory network's digital hub.

Technology Capability Investment Plan provides strategic guidance on how to achieve the digitalisation objectives of the European Medicines Regulatory Network and its stakeholders, addressing emerging information management needs as a result of new legislation and enabling the Network to become a data-driven, knowledge-based entity.

In order to help companies become more competitive, EU Digital Innovation Hubs will be one-stop shops that assist them in dynamically responding to digital challenges.

The main drivers of the Technology Capability Investment Plan (TCIP)

1. The need to accelerate digital business transformation and enable an agile operating model

2. Increasing business demand and new legislative requirements, requiring higher and faster throughput of the delivery pipeline

3. Aging technology landscape, bespoke and disparate databases and systems that become increasingly difficult and costly to maintain

4. The need to increase productivity through automation and data integration

5. New business opportunities coming from novel technologies and the need to support innovation

CLICK this LINK to know more about key operational and technology investments involved in the Technology Capability Investment Plan (TCIP).


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